Rebecca Karam5

REBECCA A. KARAM is a doctoral candidate in sociology, recipient of the Carell Dissertation Fellowship at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City, and winner of the 2019 Eastern Sociological Society’s Candace Rogers Award. Her research is situated at the intersection of the sociology of religion, international migration, and race and ethnic studies. She is particularly interested in American Islam and generational differences in immigrant religious communities.

Rebecca is currently working on her dissertation entitled “Making Muslim Americans: Parenting Practices, Parochial Schools, and the Transmission of Faith Across Generations in Metropolitan Detroit.” Based on two years of ethnographic fieldwork as well as 72 in-depth interviews with Muslim Americans in Metro-Detroit, her study investigates the intergenerational transmission of religion and parenting strategies among second-generation Muslim American adults in Metropolitan Detroit in order to reveal often misunderstood connections between religiosity and acculturation in contemporary Muslim American communities.

Updated Fall 2019